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Speed and flexibility that suits your needs

GP Kollund provides a broad variety of logistics solutions for both German and Danish customers. We value trust, speed, and flexibility in every business relation.


We cater both small and big companies, seasonal activities, and heavy, daily operations worth €1 million in pallets. Our success derives from an in-depth understanding of our customers’ logistic needs and a lean setup based on thirteen logistic units.


You can combine those thirteen units however you want, thanks to an agile drag-and-drop system. Learn more about the system here.


Together with years and years of experience, this adds up to process excellence, fast and efficient operations, and a persuading low cost for you.

If it’s possible = it’s doable. We always seek to find a way around in order to help you.

It is in our DNA to find the solution that matches you the best – whenever and wherever. Instead of dictating our customers a current setup, we make it possible for our customers to have their own IT- or ERP-system at our warehouses. We have already three unique systems running.

We also serve customers, where standard hotline procedures are not enough. At GP Kollund you always speak directly with “the man on the floor” and the one responsible.

So, whatever individual preference or need you might have, we find a way.

Our logistic units

  • Order handling inbound
  • Assortment
  • Warehousing
  • Pick & pack
  • Shipping
  • Pallet management

We attend to our customers in both clugs and glossy leather shoes

This simple and straightforward sentence is in many ways the essence of GP Kollund. It describes our culture and business mindset.

We run the extra mile for our customers at all hours and in all situations. And no one at GP Kollund is too fancy to roll up their sleeves and make sure that things are done the right way. And whether we meet big, international organizations or small local business owners we put ourselves in their shoes, speak their “language” and match their game and needs.

Our logistic setup offers a seamless solution, designed to support your workflow, smarter and more efficient.




100% impartial.

At GP Kollund we don’t offer our own transportation unit, as we want to be 100% impartial.

Instead, we offer two choices.
We can onboard your existing transportation partner – simple as that. Or we can set you up with a transportation partner and make an agreement on your behalf and use our already existing fleet discount.

Either way, we are flexible and find the solution that saves you most time and money. We work with established transportation companies in both Germany and Denmark.

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