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How we make a difference...

  • no. 1.

    We are always proactive

    Because we want to match our customers' needs. We continuously analyze our workflows to ensure that we are always on the front foot of things and can see what works and what doesn’t. Based on years and years of experience and a lean and proactive setup, we simply correct the mistakes before they happen saving our customers unnecessary worries and expenses.

  • no. 2.

    We tie all things together for you

    Because we, based on deep expertise and experience, ensure that our customers are always 200% up to their daily logistic challenges. Honestly, our 13 units are not unique for a logistics business partner. What makes us unique is that customers can choose precisely the units suiting them best. We are here all the way to help reduce complexity for our customers.

  • no. 3.

    We say “yes”

    Because the "yes" is integral to our DNA and work culture at GP Kollund. We always start with a "yes"-attitude even when challenges seem too overwhelming or too difficult to solve. So “yes” we are very good at finding new ways, gaining speed and control, reduce costs, and outline new possibilities for our customers.

  • no. 4.

    We have a strong network

    Because over the years we have built a strong partner network in the logistics business. Whatever your needs might be, we can team you up with the right partner and help provide valuable knowledge and expertise and new profitable solutions for your business. Our network is our customers’ network.

We are the perfect match, if...

  • You see logistics as a vital asset to your business.
  • You need solutions for re-packing and assortment of goods.
  • You have logistic needs in either Denmark, Germany, or boarder-crossing activities between those two countries.
  • Your logistic needs are either warehouse-specific, location-specific, or assignment-specific.
  • You distribute to physical shops or chains and need transportation with specific amounts of goods or/either need re-packaging from shipping.
  • You have a cross channel setup with an e-commerce business combined.
  • You need solutions within pallet management – buying, selling, storing, exchanging, repairing, or managing European pallets in quality A, B, C and D (including disposable pallets and other standardized pallets).

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