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Pallet added value

Administrating pallets is not just buying them at one price and selling them at another. With our extensive knowledge, we are also able to restore, upcycle and exchange standardized pallets into the international classification systems of European pallets (A, B, C and D pallets).

European classification:
New pallets
A-quality pallets
B-quality pallets
C-quality pallets
Customized pallets*

*We also handle disposable pallets, half pallets, and other categories of pallets- standard or disposables
In other words: Every form of pallets.

Earn an extra income by selling your pallets to us

Why don’t you turn your daily logistic trouble with pallets into smart business? Transfer your stock of pallets to GP Kollund, and we will calculate and evaluate the quality and pay for the whole thing – it will be an extra income and pleasant surprise for you.

We buy European A-, B-, C-quality. We also buy disposable pallets and half pallets.

A better planet with recycled pallets

We always have pallets in stock; European standards, eg. A-, B-, C- and D- quality, as well as half- and disposable pallets.

We restore and upcycle pallets whenever it adds value. We can also exchange stock of pallets, minimizing carbon footprint and transport expenses. Furthermore, we buy and sell pallets locally keeping CO2 for transport to a minimum. We are operating in the entire European market and can easily take over stock levels, regardless wherever they are placed, in order to deliver other pallets nearby you instead. Enabling you to buy or exchanging your pallets with us, we contribute to better and more sustainable business.

In a world where there is a shortage of pallets. We guarantee good quality both when it comes to exchanged, recycled and upcycled pallets. In fact, we have converted many of our customers from buying brand new pallets to buying exchanged and upcycled pallets. That is good for the planet, people and the profit of our customers.

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