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Who we are

GP Kollund has been a logistics expert for manufacturers and brand owners in Germany and Denmark for more than a decade.

Everything we do at GP Kollund revolves around optimization – doing things better and smarter – and matching our customers’ everyday needs. We know how important streamlined and cost-efficient storage and distribution has become in an increasingly complex world of trade.

Renowned for our “We say yes”-attitude – and taking pride in the doings of our customers’ businesses - we provide competitive solutions from one end to the other.

Our values

  • A deadline is a deadline.
  • Service is our middle-name.
  • Even a standard should be handled unique.
  • We always find a solution-Global Possibilities
  • An agreement always stands by its obligation.
  • We are physical at work between 08-16, but always on 24/7.
  • Discretion is a honour.
  • A cooperation is with two even partners.

GP Kollund. The Power of Global Possibilities

The world of logistics is not for everyone. It is demanding and challenging. It grows in complexity and it’s easy to lose track or get stuck. Time being money, our purpose at GP Kollund is to make logistics smarter and more efficient.

We go to every imaginable length to ensure that our solutions always fit our customer’s needs. The single most important thing for us is that our customers never experience limitations. We take this promise to such an extent that it is part of our name.

Kollund is where everything started, right on the border between Denmark and Germany. Global Possibilities is what we offer every single day.

No one at GP Kollund is too fancy to roll up their sleeves and help making things work. You need to help when and whenever it is required. I’ve been in my glossy shoes more than once, packaging, because the phone rings and one customer needs our help, immediately.

Torben Prüss, Owner

Supporting global sustainable goals

At GP Kollund we are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint throughout the whole supply chain. We operate with a daily scorecard, covering the three P’s – Planet, People and Profit.

For us, it is important that these three components always are aligned. This supports the sustainable journey for us and our customers.

A story to be continued

GP Kollund started as a trade house with a focus on servicing leading European retailers and supermarket chains in the German, Benelux, and Scandinavian markets.

Some years ago, GP Kollund got the opportunity to buy bits and parts out of a big German logistic company, placed in Flensburg. This transformed GP Kollund into a logistics solutions partner. Today, we still represent some of the leading European retailers and supermarket chains – just adding the logistics.

GP Kollund now offers 13 single logistic units that customers can drag-and-drop as they want, making it one of the most agile and flexible logistics solutions in Northern Europe.

We are 25 employees based in 3 self-owned locations – Flensburg, Aabenraa and Kruså - dedicated to serve partners and clients every day with smarter logistics.

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