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Optimizing made Smarter


The aim to deliver the highest possible service to our customers inspired the launch of GP Kollund Consulting.


The consultancy services offered are designed to maximize our clients' logistical setup's and efficiency.

Our team has over 20 years of expertise in logistics optimization and has assisted organizations in meeting and exceeding their success goals by adopting our recommendations.



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Our services

Potential Analysis


Quick firsthand look at your logistics setup- includes packaging options, a pallet management system, internal structures, and procedures.


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Logistic Analysis


Complete overview of your logistic setup in 7 phases process. Includes in-depth analysis of all systems and procedures 


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Your Benefit

  • 10-30 % savings on your logistics costs within four months
  • Free Potential Analysis
  • No Cure - No pay: Only pay for succesful results
  • Return of investment in one month
  • Positive cashflow
  • Improved Revenue

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